Hi Guys , Justin Kerrigan here:

Nice one for all the support over the years ; my riches from making
the film has always been in the peoples love for the film. So regardless, thank you.

It was an amazing experience to make ‘Human Traffic’ – It was a rush
to bring the Rave scene to the cinemas whilst I was still young
knowing there was an audience out there in my culture that no UK
financier understood – and then to see how well it was received by the people – was really amazing.

‘Human Traffic’ took me “straight outta Canton” to film festivals all
over the world and I experienced the “Roots of the Rave culture” in
every country I landed in , and met some amazing characters , who ,
surprisingly for me : saw themselves in the characters of the film ,
which for me personally is what I am most proud of with the film. It makes me feel like we are all connected.

My dream is to have a little independent film production company
where I can write , direct and produce my own low budget films in
the spirit of the 70’s independent cinema that I adore. Basically
cutting out the middlemen and just make films for a living!
Independent film finance in UK does not exist anymore – it’s gone!
No one knows how to get an independent film financed in these times; it’s a joke.

So, Brothers & Sisters ; this really is the last hope to get ‘Human
Traffic 2’ made before my Rights - that I have optioned , runs out and
are returned to the copyright owners of my work in March 2021 - IF we fail to get the budget by then..

I’d love to direct ‘Human Traffic 2’ and bookend the Rave generation
with the comedy I’ve written – especially in these times! But I need
you to help unless it’s not going to happen. This film is impossible to
make without you! Like the first film - ‘Human Traffic 2’ is a film
made ‘For the People’ – but in these times , ironically , the sequel can now only be made ‘By the People’.

Obviously it’s the worst time in the world for money, its ridiculous.
We understand we need a miracle ! But before I walk away, after trying absolutely everything to get this film made for 7 years; I just
want to see if the people can ‘in the vain of the first movie’ come
together and finally get ‘Human Traffic 2’ made!!!

In these mad times of puppet politicians, dystopian media-horror-
genre interjecting fear and O.C.D into society, cultural campaigns to
divide and rule us, the crushing of the independents by the
corporations – anti–gatherings, anti-privacy, anti-friends and anti-
family: is completely anti-human! We have to come together before it’s too late!

*Quote from ‘Human Traffic 2’ Script:

MOFF: “If the one percentage rule the world and the 99 come together
– what are the odds? I’m putting my money on people!”

If you got something from the first film – Please, if you can:
“Help give HUMAN TRAFFIC 2 the Green Light !!!”

Much Love from the HT2 Team xx